Author Topic: [Pathfinder] Just Keep Flying Character Sheet & Other Linens Thread  (Read 6716 times)


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Seems it's time again for a character sheet thread.

Name: Arafel Goodfellow Race: Elf
Class: Alchemist Level: 5 Favoured class: Alchemist
Age: 129
Height: 187 cm Weight: It'd be rude to ask.
Hair: Pixie cut, purple Eyes: Baby blue Skin: Pale pink
Theme music: Ensiferum - One More Magic Potion
Card: Eight of Cups

STR: 14 WIS: 10
DEX: 16 INT: 19
CON:  8 CHA:  8

HP: 28
AC: 18 (Touch 13, flat-footed 15)
FORT: 3 REF: 7 WILL: 1
BAB: +3 CMB: +5 CMD: 18

Feats: Point Blank Attack, Extra Discovery, Breadth of Experience
Traits: Reckless, Alchemical Prodigy (newer version)
Discoveries: Spontaneous Healing, Infusion, Feral Mutagen

Acrobatics 11, Appraise 11, Climb: 5 Craft: Alchemy 12, Disable Device 11, Heal 8, Knowledge: Arcana 14, Knowledge: Nature 14, Perception 10, Profession: Skyship mechanic 10, Spellcraft 12
Languages: Common, Elf, Sylvan, Draconic, Imperial, Hailene-de

Formulae: Lv1 Cure Light Wounds, Shield, Monkey Fish, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Identify, Disguise Self, Comprehend Languages
Lv2 Vomit Swarm, Vine strike, Cure Moderate wounds, Detect Thoughts, Alchemical Allocation
Chain shirt +1, Gailimide (+1 flaming longspear), Handy Haversack, Minor Bag of Holding, masterwork composite shortbow (+2 STR), 20 arrows, Ere basic kit, alchemy crafting kit, thieves' tools, Explorer's outfit, safety goggles (+2 against blinded, extra +1 if caused by alchemy or weather), a change of clothes, two bandoliers, two empty potion vials, one potion of spider climb (CL1), five pounds of honey, three doses of Hound's Tooth Rock, one dose of alchemical solvent, two cultist smoke bombs, 153.3 gold worth of alchemical reagents, 75 gold worth of spell ink and 252 gold, 18 silver in cash.

Description: Arafel is youthful and animated, and tends to gesticulate a lot when speaking. With her chain shirt, a longspear at her back, two bandoliers (one across the chest, one at waist) and numerous pockets holding alchemical preparations and other instruments of mischief, a dagger in her boot, a pair of safety goggles on her forehead, and a hooded cloak for looking mysterious at tavern corner tables it's quite hard to mistake her for anything other than an adventurer. Everything else she has is stuffed in the lesser bag of holding (it all barely fits).

History: Ran away from her home in Kinos to look for adventures because her stuffy parents who have an alchemical store there wouldn't let her do anything fun. Hitched a ride on a merchant skyship, applying her alchemy to pay her way and learned the workings of such ships there. She was recently stuck with the realization that being a trade alchemist on a ship isn't any different from being one on the ground, so she jumped ship at the next port of call which turned out to be a port town somewhere south.

Notes: Arafel's parents actually used to be adventurers (an alchemist and a wizard) before settling down, and tried to protect their daughter from the harsh, dangerous life so she has no idea. In fact the reason her bow is so fancy is because her frame of reference is her parents' fancy bows which leads to her perceiving non-masterwork bows as shoddy.
Her colouration is entirely unnatural for elfs, and is an unintended side effect of her mutagen.

Advancement plan:
L6: Breath weapon bombs (?)
L7: Improved natural attack (bite)
L8: Master Chymist
L9: Power attack, Evasion
L11: Alchemist level, Combine extracts, Extra discovery: Force bomb
L12: Greater Mutagen
L14: Furious Mutagen
L15: Improved natural attack (claw)
L16: Grand Mutagen
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Re: [Pathfinder] Just Keep Flying Character Sheet & Other Linens Thread
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 07:01:19 AM »
Karrdoon Forestroamer, male miare hexcrafter magus 5
STR 11, DEX 20, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 8, CHA 10
AC 20 (FF 14, touch 16), HP 37(37), Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +3, BAB +3, CMD 19, Arcane pool 4(4)
Senses: low-light vision, perception -1 (+1 when familiar within 5')
Description: Black/grey striped fur, brown eyes, flashy dress; 5' 6" tall, slim

+1 short sword of warning: Attack +9, damage 1d6+1, crit 19-20/x2, type P
Longbow: Attack +9, damage 1d8, crit 20/x3, type P, range incr. 100'
Whip: Attack +5, damage 1d3 nonlethal, crit 20/x2, type B, disarm, trip, reach 15', provokes AoO
2 claws: Attack +8, damage 1d4, crit 20/x2, type B/S

Skills: Acrobatics +19, Climb +6, Craft (woodworking) +12, Diplomacy +8 (+10 to gather info & half time), Knowledge (local) +10, Linguistics (draconic, hailene-de) +4, Piloting +9, Profession (sailor) +3, Sense Motive -1 (+1 when familiar within 5'), Spellcraft +10, Swim +8

Traits: Affable, ship's crew

Feats: Weapon Finesse, Extra Arcana (familiar), Rime Spell, Craft Wand

Arcana: Wand Wielder, Familiar

Hex: Flight (+4 swim, feather fall at will, levitate 1/day, Fly 5 min/day)

Spells known: Chill touch, frostbite, shocking grasp, shield, unseen servant, jury rig, vanish, weaponwand, true strike, snowball, mirror image, glitterdust, minor image, frigid touch

Spells prepared: Mirror image, glitterdust, frigid touch; frostbite, snowball, shocking grasp, vanish, 1 free 1st level slot; brand, dancing lights, mending, prestidigitation

Languages: Imperial, Sylvan, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Hailene-de

Equipment: Mithril chain shirt, +1 short sword of warning, masterwork whip, masterwork longbow, 20 arrows, wand of true strike (CL 1, 1/50 used) in spring-loaded wrist sheath, wand of haste (CL 5, 48/50 used), potion of cure light wounds (CL 1), spellbook, spell component pouch, standard kit, mirror, wire saw, entertainer's outfit, traveller's outfit, masterwork woodworking tools, handy haversack (lock/symbol of swords spitting lightning), 115 gp.

History: Karr grew up a cabinetmaker's son, in as urban an environment as the Forest Peoples have. There were still plenty of trees and buildings to climb though; while showing off he accidentally stowed away aboard an airship. He took it as a sign and didn't look back.

Karr has no gift for a sailors routine, but his woodworking skills got him apprenticed to a ship's carpenter. The more adventuring related skills were picked up from a mishmash of sailors and passengers.

He recently departed his first ship to enjoy the local fried fish, which is totally unrelated to any recent arguments with his former captain about decorations added to his work.

Notes: His fur is black and grey - not as showy as he'd like - but he makes up for that with some bright clothing and bangles. Camouflage isn't Karr's thing. Friendly, chatty and interested in all. Tall for a miare, which isn't especially tall by many other races' standards - he's quite willing to start a fight about it if he feels it necessary. Tends to carve decoration into any carpentry job of his when he has the time.

Meer, monkey familiar:
 AC 17, hp 18, Fort +4, Ref +4 (Improved evasion), Will +5
 Perception +5, low-light vision
 Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 5
 Acrobatics +18, Climb +14 (can take 10, climb speed 30), Craft (woodworking) +6, Diplomacy +2, Knowledge (local) +4, Linguistics (draconic, hailene-de) +1, Piloting +3, Profession (sailor) +4, Spellcraft +4, Swim +0
 Speak with master, deliver touch spells

L5: rime spell, craft wand, mirror image, glitterdust, +1 Acro/Craft/Dip/KnowL/Spell/Ling (hailene-de), +7 HP, enhance weapon +2
L6: hex (fortune), alter self, bladed dash, +1 Acro/Craft/Dip/KnowL/Spell, 1 more skill, +7 HP, +1 BAB & all saves
L7: extra arcana (soothsayer hex), knowledge pool, sleet storm, arcane sight, +1 Acro/Craft/Dip/KnowL/Spell, 1 more skill, +7 HP, +1 BAB
L8: Int 15, dispel magic, haste, +1 Acro/Craft/Dip/KnowL/Spell, 1 more skill, +7 HP, +1 BAB, Fort, Will
L9: spirit talker?, accurate strike, vampiric touch, slow, +1 Acro/Craft/Dip/KnowL/Spell, 1 more skill, +7 HP, +1 Refl.
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Re: [Pathfinder] Just Keep Flying Character Sheet & Other Linens Thread
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2015, 11:44:14 AM »
Kalev Valter

Description: A stocky fellow with brown skin that has a rough, inflexible, stony feel to it. Instead of a beard or eyebrows, his skin in those places seems covered in shiny quartz sand that sometimes catches the sunlight when he doesn't wear his wide-brimmed floppy hat. His hair is dark brown and strangely normal.

His voice is deep and dry and rasping in a way that makes it sound like he's either sick or hasn't drunk a drop of water in a year. He's gotten used to people wincing and sympathetically clearing their own throats when he starts talking.

His clothes are simple and undyed, with the symbol of the Threefold Moon hanging down from his neck.

History: It's not very fun being raised by the servants because the Master can't be bothered to take an interest when he's not running tests. But when the place is raided, it turns out it's not very fun either to lose everything you've ever known then be shuffled around because nobody's quite sure what to do with you. Kalev eventually stumbled into a Kaydan church while the priest was preaching, and he found comfort in words that exalted a harsh life as a virtuous life.


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Re: [Pathfinder] Just Keep Flying Character Sheet & Other Linens Thread
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Conailen Eli-aiwen

Description: He stands almost 4 ft. tall, with smoothly tanned skin. His jet black hair gleams with care and is normally worn in a short, tight braid just to his shoulder-blades. Clean-shaven, his ruddy cheeks attested to a life of good eating while his wide, hazel eyes belied his sharp mind.
Having paid handsomely for it, he wears his mithril chain, but covers it with a rough, linen shirt. Discretion is his game, as he wears whites and blacks, or rather off-white and dark grey. He makes sure to keep his bag close and his purse closer, with a rapier at his side. His actual weapon of choice, his crossbow, is kept in a special pocket on his bag, for easy retrieval.

Advancement Plan

[level] +XP, MHP, TSP, BPD, /day, APR,
-[Feat or Ability Increase], {Class Features}, Spells Learned spell level, Bardic Performances bp

Legend: Skill Point (SP), Hit Point (HP), Undecided Point (XP), Max HP (MHP), Total Skill Points (TSP), Bardic Performance (bp), Daily Bardic Performances (DBP), Spells Per Day(/day), Attacks Per Round (APR),
Attacks Per Round displays the attack bonuses for the greatest number of attacks as a full attack action, not including item bonuses and maximizing the attack bonus. For example, the feat Rapid Shot is factored in, because it gives one more attack, even with a -2 penalty. On the other hand, Deadly Aim is not factored in, because it doesn't increase the number of attacks, even though it does increase damage. Additionally, Point-Blank Shot is included, so assume that the attacks are with ranged weapons at 30 feet or less. The 'x2' after the first shot represents that that shot is firing two arrows with the same attack roll.

[1]   +SP,  9 MHP,      10 TSP,    8 DBP,    2/day,    +4,
[2]   +SP,  15 MHP,    20 TSP,    10 DBP,  3/day,    +5,
[3]   +SP,  21 MHP,    30 TSP,    12 DBP,  4/day,    +4/4,
[4]   +SP,  27 MHP,    40 TSP,    14 DBP,  6/day,    +6/6,
[5]   +XP,  33 MHP,    49 TSP,    16 DBP,  8/day,    +6/6,
[6]   +XP,  39 MHP,    58 TSP,    18 DBP,  9/day,    +7/7,
[7]   +XP,  45 MHP,    67 TSP,    20 DBP,  11/day,  +8/8,
[8]   +XP,  51 MHP,    76 TSP,    22 DBP,  13/day,  +9/9/4,
[9]   +XP,  57 MHP,    85 TSP,    24 DBP,  15/day,  +9x2/9/4, 
[10] +XP,  63 MHP,    94 TSP,    26 DBP,  17/day,  +10x2/10/5,
[11] +XP,  69 MHP,    103 TSP,  28 DBP,  19/day,  +11x2/11/6,
[12] +XP,  87 MHP,    112 TSP,  30 DBP,  21/day,  +12x2/12/7,
[13] +XP,  94 MHP,    121 TSP,  32 DBP,  22/day,  +12x2/12/7,
[14] +XP,  101 MHP,  130 TSP,  34 DBP,  24/day,  +13x2/13/8,
[15] +XP,  108 MHP,  139 TSP,  36 DBP,  26/day,  +14x2/14/9/4,
[16] +XP,  115 MHP,  148 TSP,  38 DBP,  27/day,  +15x2/15/10/5,
[17] +XP,  122 MHP,  157 TSP,  40 DBP,  29/day,  +15x2/15/10/5,
[18] +XP,  129 MHP,  166 TSP,  42 DBP,  31/day,  +16x2/16/11/6,
[19] +XP,  136 MHP,  175 TSP,  44 DBP,  33/day,  +17x2/17/12/7,   
[20] +XP,  143 MHP,  184 TSP,  47 DBP,  36/day,  +18x2/18/13/8,

[1] - [Point-Blank Shot], {Hard Bargainer}, Dancing Lights0, Detect Magic0, Ghost Sounds0, Lullaby0, Charm Person1, Chord of Shards1, Counterargumentbp, Distractionbp, Fascinatebp, Fast Talkbp,
[2] - {Combat Trick: Precise Shot}, {Well-Versed}, Mage Hand0, Ear Piercing Scream1,
[3] - [Rapid Shot], Prestidigitation0, Vanish1, Inspire Competencebp,
[4] - [+1 Dex], Heroism2, Pugwampi's Grace2,
[5] - [Taunt], {Master of Rhetoric}, Spell2,
[6] - {Eerie Disappearance}, Spell2, Suggestionbp,
[7] - [Leadership],  {Move Bardic Performance}, Spell1, Spell3, Spell3,
[8] - [+1 Dex], Spell3, Dirge of Doombp,
[9] - [Manyshot], Spell3, Binding Contractbp,
[10] - {Improved Evasion}, {Jack of All Trades}, Spell2, Spell4, Spell4,
[11] - [Discordant Voice], Spell1, Spell4,
[12] - [+1 Con], Spell4, Soothing Performancebp,
[13] - [Deadly Aim], {Swift Bardic Performance}, Spell3, Spell5, Spell5,
[14] - {Feat: Ranged Trip}, Spell2, Spell5, Frightening Tunebp,
[15] - [Steadfast Personality], Spell5, Inspire Heroicsbp,
[16] - [+1 Cha], {Jack of All Trades+}, Spell4, Spell6, Spell6,
[17] - [Feat], Spell3, Spell6,
[18] - [Stealth Sniper], Spell6, Mass Suggestionbp,
[19] - [Feat], Spell5, {Jack of All Trades++},
[20] - [+1 Cha], Spell4, Spell6, Deadly Performancebp,
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Re: [Pathfinder] Just Keep Flying Character Sheet & Other Linens Thread
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