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« on: April 24, 2015, 03:31:47 AM »
Quote from: Vaal

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 30ft

Languages: Common and Elven

Arboreal Build

+2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics. Climb Speed 10 for climbing trees or other large plants.

Elven Ears

+2 racial bonus on Perception checks made that involve hearing.

Elven Sight

Elves have Darkvision 30ft and Low-light vision 120ft.

Choose 2 Elf Background Feats

Sample Elf Backgrounds

Woodland Hunter [Background, Elf]

You are used to hunting in deep forests and compensating for screening foliage.

Benefit: You ignore up to 20% concealment due to vegetation.

Lifeweaver Mystic Tradition [Background, Elf]

The elves of the Tresholm sculpt their homes and businesses from living wood and plants.You know the least of these secrets.

Benefit: You gain Vitae affinity and know the spell minor plant shaping.

Arboreal Alertness [Background, Elf, Miare]

In the deep forests and jungles, danger can pass within a few feet without detection. Those who live there are constantly on guard and ready to leap into action.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks and initiative rolls.

Special: This bonus stacks with Elven Ears and Miare Scenting.

Tresholmi Agriculture [Background, Elf]

Farming the lush ecosystem of the titan bolls has taught you a deep understanding of flora and fauna, particularly what is good to eat.

Benefit: +2 racial bonus to Nature and Survival checks. While in a forest or jungle, you always find enough food to feed one Medium humanoid each day regardless of your Survival roll.

Tresholmi Weapon Traditions [Background, Elf]

You have trained as a warrior of the Tresholmi people and are familiar with the standard weapons they use.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Long Blades and Bows, and Advance Proficiency* with the bastard sword.

*Advanced Proficiency is a feat you may take with certain weapons that allows you to use them in an advanced way. For example, a bastard sword is a two-handed weapon, but with Advanced Proficiency: Bastard Sword, it can be wielded one-handed.

Deep Roots In The Community [Background, Elf]

You have lived in one city, village, etc for more than fifty years and have gained an intimate understanding of it and its people.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks made against citizens in your home city or pertaining to your home city.

Communally Raised [Background, Elf]

You were raised by everyone in your home town, not just your parents. This gave you piecemeal knowledge of a great variety of things.

Benefit: Once per day, you can choose to gain a +1d6 racial bonus to any INT, WIS, or CHA-based skill roll. Choose to use this ability before making the roll.
I'm going to venture that Lifeweaver Mystic Tradition is going to make elfs or half-elfs a popular if not practical default race choice for anyone with spellcaster levels. An extra affinity with a background feat, and it's the one that facilitates the single most popular magical effect? Sign me up.
Sure, if you paid a real feat for it you'd get nekras as a bonus, but let's be honest: Necromancy always sucks. Unless it's relevant to the character concept I'm pretty sure most people won't want to pay extra for it when you can get just vitae free like this.

Elf seems great for a skill-monkey, too. With the two background feats you get proficiencies with all the popular weapons and either the option to add healing/buffs cheaply into your repertoire or a bonus to spotting traps and catching people flat-footed. Inferior to half-elfs of course, but that goes without saying.

I see that this doesn't include the Elvis Tenacity power mentioned in the Races of Ere post. Has that been scrapped?


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Re: Elf
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 07:34:11 AM »
"Elvis Tenacity"? Does that involve leaving buildings, or rocking out all night?

I really liked this article, and I'll probably post more about that in the actual section for it. But, now onto WoE RPG!

Okay, this isn't actually about what you wrote, but for background feats, you put 'sample' there. Does that mean that you/the GM might invite the player to create their own, suitably powerful and thematically sensible feats and backgrounds? (I'm totally for this, by the way.)

I agree with Mazzon that the vitae affinity will probably be the most popular feat, since healing is essential (assuming it works similarly to most other systems). Of course, I'm assuming that most races will have some racial background affinity option. However, I was reading your article about magic, and it seems to me that only really the basic spellcaster, not one of the more specialized legacies, would benefit from this. I'm not sure how Prayers work, but Bards can fake their way, Elementals only get one affinity, Shapeshifters focus more on their Forms, and Spirit Docents don't get any. So... healing's not really a priority in Ere, apparently. Though, I wonder what an animae/vitae Savant would get.

As for the other bg feats:
Woodland Hunter seems very situational and would be nigh useless in medieval cities, unless they happen to have lots of city beautification projects with bushes.
Arboreal Alertness is a good standard ranger/scout feat, and good one in general too. Also, it stacks with other stuff, so that's good. Does that imply it doesn't stack with other feats/bonuses?
Tresholmi Agriculture is also useful only not in cities, though I'm not exactly sure how common roughing it is in Ere. I mean, Nature/Survival could be useful for an herbalism check, but I'm not sure. And for the assured meal, does the rest of it come afterwards? Like, if I rolled what would normally get enough food for one, would this get enough food for two?
Tresholmi Weapon Traditions is normal, weapon proficiency stuff. Though, if that one bg feat counts as three normal feats, you might want to balance that.
Deep Roots In The Community is also situational. I assume you mean "citizens of your home city", since you might meet them travelling or a traveler in your home. Also, I'm not sure if this would prompt people to choose to come from the Ere equivalent of New York, since that's their 'home city'.
Communally Raised is okay, I guess. I like the idea of it, and it helps you make sure you get that one Perception or Deception check, so that's okay. It's only once per day, though, so it's not as good as some of the other feats.

And, as a side note, you should totally do the Miare or Lasconti next, if you have enough material. Cat/animal people, driders, lots of fun.


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Re: Elf
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2015, 09:50:50 AM »
Hmm... The post about the various spellcaster types raises an interesting question.
Quote from: Vaal
Born with an unusually strong Affinity to a single element, characters who take the Elemental Savant feat forgo gaining any other Affinities ever again in favor of becoming, very, very powerful with the ones they have.
Read as written, this would mean a savant can't gain any new affinities after picking the feat but get to keep all they've already taken, which would mean bonus affinities from background would be especially valuable.
Probably not what was meant though, I'm guessing the savant feat is only available at first level and precludes ever having more than one affinity.
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Re: Elf
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2015, 05:01:55 AM »
Nice discussion, guys!

Let's see... About the affinity feat, all the races will get at least one. I haven't set them in stone yet, and some can get more than one:

Dwarves - Vin, Ere-a
Minotaur - Ere-a, Ferif
Halfling - Vitae
Elf - Vitae
Human - Vox
Lasconti - Psi / Shapshifting
Hailene - Vin, Ferif
Miare - Akua, Vin
Half-Demihuman - Gets parents' background

Some of the general backgrounds give nekras, flaer and discarnate. Discarnate affinity doesn't give you spells, but it does give you a subtype and some resistances.

Oh, and the reason you take the regular affinity feat instead is because it gives you any one 0-level vitae spell, where this gives you one specific spell that isn't healing.

Also, you can still take spells you don't have affinity for, they just cost more and you can't overcast spell points to power them up. I had to make it that way because I ended up with a bunch of multi-affinity spells no one would ever use.

Nekras is going to be awesome though. You'll see. Vitae is healing and also bioaugmentation. Nekras is nercomancy, purification, and entropy.

That isn't a complete list of possible background feats. I plan to have 10-15 per race and races let you pick 2-3 (humans get 4!) I didn't include Tenacity because I would have to explain refresh again.

Yeah, some of these are super-situational, but if the DM is doing their job, you'll know if those woodsy feats are a good idea or not. I was trying to create feats to replace things like Trance or Detect Secret Doors. These definitely need refining though.

I do have some things to say about the weapon profs though: I hate it when I play and elf fighter or something and all the special stuff I get from being an elf is made redundant by being a fighter and an elf wizard with a longsword is going to die soon. So Th racial weapons all have 'basic, basic, AWESOME'. The combatant gets no advanced proficiencies and neither does any other class. If you want a bastard sword, you blow a feat or be an elf.

Arboreal Alertness: Normally racial bonuses wouldn't stack because same-named bonuses don't stack.

Savants can have other affinities, they just never benefit from them. It's like you're always casting with the 'wrong' energy (like how Ru burns energy to 'convert' it in EUE).

I think that covers it. Tell me if not.

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